Who are we?

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Shraddha believes in creating positive first impressions! She is founder of Image InStylle, Image Consultancy and Trainings. Positive self-presentation is the key to any successful business. Long before you speak, your clothes, grooming, body language and etiquette have spoken volumes about you. They project your individuality and personality.


Shraddha’s mission is to simplify and manage peoples lives more efficiently by applying the proven concepts and strategies of Image Management. She educates how individuals and organisations can increase their performance ability, build trust and positive relations through this understanding. 


Shraddha aims to educate, enable and empower individuals and organisations regarding Image Management in the home, school, community as well as the work place, enhancing self-presentation and life skills leading to success.


  • Being a CA and running classes for students, I missed out the saying, first impression is the best impression. You gave best inputs for clothing. Your guide to awesome ways of wearing stoles and jackets made me more confident about my dressing.
    Thanks Shraddha and lots of wishes to you
    Dipti Chheda
    Chartered Accountant
  • We did about 7 sessions together, from understanding my needs, problem areas, insight into wardrobe management,  to providing solutions for day to day wear to special occasions, she covered it all. In a small way but its all been lifechanging. 
    It gives added confidence and the edge to brand myself better.
    Thanks a ton Shraddha
    Shreeya Haridas
    Branding Consultant
  • Thank you Shraddha for encouraging in my new venture. She is an inspiration to me and showed me how one can manage family, kids and pursue your own passion and enjoy

    Shruti Seth
  • It was a good experience. I could shop quickly which saved on my time. Got exactly what I wanted saving time. Learnt how to shop keeping some small points in mind.
    Thank you very much Shraddha
    Leena Chedda
    Master Consultancy
  • Shopping experience was quiet helpful. Got to understand type of clothes that will suit ones body type. Colour and style that enhances your image.Shraddha has a good taste and eye for fashion. It was pleasant shopping with you. 
    Thank you Shraddha
    Anita Pansari